Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers! While we're always happy to personally answer any of your questions via telephone or email, here are answers to some questions you may have right now!

Q: Will my images end up anywhere online? I don't want anyone to see my pictures.

We take your privacy very seriously. The women who appear on our website have given 100% consent (and 100% enthusiasm!) to be a part of our website, but we never expect that from our clients. We create your boudoir images for you exclusively, and by default they will only been seen by our small and discrete female staff, and whomever YOU choose to share them with, if anyone.

Q: I am going to wait till I lose 5 (10, 20, 40) pounds

I hear this objection ALL the time, and it's really just a way of telling yourself you are not good enough to do this. You may never actually lose those extra few pounds you are carrying around - and that's OK. It doesn't make you any less worthy of feeling beautiful, special and like you are "enough". And lucky for you - the extra pounds couldn't matter any less in your photos! I've been photographing women for 10+ years, and I will use lighting, posing, wardrobe and lens angles to make you look your best - at any size!

Q: I have no idea what to bring or wear!

Well we've got you covered! Our comprehensive Style Guide contains tips and tricks, day-of-prep info, a checklist of must-brings and must-dos as well as several example images that are sure to get your wheels turning. Not only will we send you our style guide when you book, but we'll schedule your pre-shoot consultation during which you'll bring all your potential wardrobe items and we'll review them with you in person!

Q: What if I don't like or want to wear lingerie?

This shoot is 100% about capturing your own unique style, so if lingerie doesn't speak to you-  you should not wear it for your shoot! That being said, if you're interested in it, but are unsure of what to buy, that's a different story :) We have several clients that are fully or partially clothed for their entire shoot - and they are just as sexy as those that bring lingerie! So think about embodying your own personal look - and check out the wardrobe inspiration section on our Gallery page!

Q: I have zero modelling experience / have never done anything like this before!

Then you are in good company - while the women on my website LOOK like models, absolutely none of them are. I don't expect my clients to have any idea of how to pose themselves, that's 100% my job! I will direct you through the entire shoot, I promise anyone can do it. You'll just look and feel like a model :)

Q: Can I buy digital files instead of an album? I don't want to spend the money.

In short: no. We believe it is a disservice to only deliver digital files, as your beautiful images should be printed to last and easy to enjoy. There is no better way to achieve this than with a boudoir album. Not only are your images protected, but they tell the story of your personality. Plus, all of our albums come with accompanying digital files of the included images, it's the best of both worlds!

Q: I am too old (or fat, short, skinny) to do a shoot!

Similar to putting off your shoot until you lose 5 lbs, thinking that you are too old / short / athletic / curvy / not curvy, or too ANYTHING to do a shoot is simply your inner-critic's way of making you feel like you don't deserve to do this. You are perfect exactly as you are in this moment - and everything you've experienced is a part of your journey that makes you uniquely you! Through lighting, posing, wardrobe and lens angles I will show you your beautiful self in a way that will make you forget whatever you were worried about :)

Q: Can you make my short deadline?

Many of our boudoir shoots seem to come with tight deadlines, and we usually can accommodate! Our production mavens are amazing, and while in an ideal world you would call 2 months before your deadline, we've been able to deliver digital products within a week for last minute special occasion gifts, with the album shortly to follow. If you're considering a last-minute present, call us now so we can get you on the calendar ASAP!

Q: Is Hair & Makeup Extra? How does it work?

We believe so strongly in the uplifting and transformation experience of having your hair and makeup professionally styled, that we've included it in every session fee. Chrissy from Special Occasion Hair Design comes right to our studio to get you prepped for your shoot, and with over 20 years of experience she will style your hair and makeup based on your direction and comfort level. We want you to look like YOU - just a more polished and camera-ready version!

Q: I never like photos of myself, even with clothes on! How will this be different?

In my experience, not being "photogenic" it just means that you don't photograph well under common lighting conditions. When you're photographed by a professional photographer who understands lighting, posing, lens choice, camera angles and expression, there is no such thing as not being photogenic!

Q: Okay - I'm interested!! What's the next step?

To get the conversation started with us about YOUR dream boudoir shoot- hop over to our What's Next page and fill out our contact form or give us a call!