Wallace Family Women

"Here's to strong women. May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them"

The beauty of the Wallace family is only surpassed only by their kindness, strength and love for each other. Nia came into my life many years ago, and every time I get to see her or her family is an incredible pleasure. The women in this family are each truly spectacular in their own way. The best part of this shoot was getting to meet their matriarch Thenia, to see where the strong women I already knew came from. Here's what Nia (named after her grandma!) had to say about her family session.

" Things in my life have reached a new perspective since my mother has had to live with and care for my grandmother.  My grandmother has been dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s over the past year and this has created a shift in everyone’s life.  I’ve seen roles change from a mother to a child, from a daughter to a caregiver, and from a granddaughter to a friendly face as my grandmother’s memory continues to decline.
I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong women all of my life.  This day was a moment for 3 generations of Wallace women to come together and do more than share their stories, it allowed us the time that we don't take for ourselves to embrace our beauty.  Seeing the love that we share for each other, the happiness that fills our hearts being around each other, and the laughter that we use to heal each other caught through these photos is something that I am so glad that I can relive over and over again.  Natalie was able to capture so much more than just a picture. She was able to tell our story, in so many ways "