Behind the Scenes Boudoir Video

We posted a teaser for this video a few months back, and we're thrilled to say IT'S HERE! I could not possibly be happier with the outcome of this video. I hope it gives every woman that sees it the confidence and strength she needs to do something positive for herself - whether it's to book the boudoir shoot she's been thinking about for months, or to step out of her comfort zone in another way and do something good for herself. We corralled a truly remarkable team of professionals to great this video - our videographer (and my dear friend) came in from Bogota, Colombia, and the rest are Rochester celebrities for which our studio is a frequent haunt ;) To our "model" client: your sense of humor, sincerity and strong sense of self never cease to amaze me. Thank you for signing on to our project - your belief in what we do is humbling.

We created this video to show every woman exactly what it's like to do a boudoir shoot at Natalie Sinisgalli Photography. The women I've photographed who have had the most positive and transformative experiences at my studio are usually the same ones that tell me they almost didn't book shoot due to nerves, lack of self esteem, or simply fear of being "un-photographable". The woman featured here is not a model, and I had never photographed her before. Our studio works with real women - moms, brides-to-be, women struggling with their body image, those at their goal weight, those 30 lbs above their goal weight. My goal is to empower women, helping them find strength and confidence in embracing their unique femininity, whatever that may be.

Here's our INCREDIBLE team:

Video (Direction, Videography & Editing): Harrym Ramirez | Memento Photo Studios, see more videos on Vimeo)
Hair & Makeup: Chrissy | Special Occasion Hair Design
Nails / Manicure: Dena | Sunless 2 Go
Robe: Marleen | Meki Couture
Special thanks to: Our entire team, especially Whitney, Maggie, Mom, Maura from Sassafras, and Pour Coffee

Some fun shots on-set of the controlled chaos:

And last but not least, more images from the shoot :)