Parting Words From Whitney

It's with a full heart that we share some bittersweet news with our NSP community. In early 2016, Whitney will be leaving our team to pursue her own business in her home town of Des Moines, Iowa. While I'll let her describe her new venture - I personally could not be happier or more excited for what she is preparing to build in Iowa.  There is no doubt in my mind she will be incredibly successful, and there are some very lucky people back home who are excited to have her back. The mark she has left on my life and my business is absolutely immeasurable. Anyone who has had a positive client experience with my studio in the last 3 years can thank Whitney. She cared for my clients like they were her own. Any of you who know us personally also know she is my best friend. Getting to shoot weddings together, meet with couples, go to networking events, throw parties, brainstorm new ideas and eat every french fry in the greater Rochester area has been a truly wonderful experience - one I will cherish forever. Not only did we paint this town red, but we had fun doing it. To say I will miss her doesn't begin to describe it. But more than anything, I'm proud beyond words of my friend for following her dreams. Kill it in Des Moines, girl.   - Natalie

And now, from Whitney...

As many of you know, I came to Rochester in 2009 for my Masters in Photography from RIT. I achieved that goal and then while looking for a temporary job to bide some time, I met Natalie. The rest of the details create a rich and hilarious history that Natalie and I frequently threaten to write down in the form of a tell-all novel. Simply put, working with Natalie has changed the course of my life and I am eternally grateful. Within her business, I was given the opportunity to learn through doing and my opinion was valued and considered at every turn. The autonomy and respect I’ve experienced working with Natalie has given me the tools and confidence I needed to strike out on my own.

As I depart for Iowa, I leave with a clear vision for what lies ahead. I am opening my own photography studio, Ivory House Photography with the intentions of bringing photography to my home town. As I look to build my future business, I reflect back on the one I’m leaving and the people who made my experience so special. Many of you have shared so much of yourselves with me - your stories, insecurities, triumphs and life changes. Listening to you has changed my life and opened me up to so many more experiences then I ever thought possible. I think back on all the photos we’ve created together and the hard work we all put in to make a perfect printed album. I’m so honored to have been a part of this process with you.   - Whitney