Spoleta Perri Wedding | 04.28.2018

Yesterday, two of the kindest souls pledged their lives to each other - and it was stunningly beautiful (in more ways than one!). While we could make an entire slideshow dedicated to the decor and details of this wedding - from the flowers to the napkins, the dress, and the place cards designed by Celebrated Events at The Wintergarden by Monroe's - the most gorgeous thing witnessed during this powerhouse couple's wedding was the incredible love that Michael and Jennifer share.


One of the most special moments as a photographer was getting to capture Mike and Jen's new beginning at the place they first met - City Grill. After a busy morning of getting ready, the ceremony, and family portraits, the whole bridal party went to City Grill and it was a great time of looking ahead while appreciating how everyone got to this moment. Seeing Mike and Jen sit in the very seats they met in was so special. 


Finally, as the couple and their guests danced the night away, nothing could take away from how much these two are head over heals for their daughter. Their little family could not have been any more bursting with love.


Lindsey, Jennifer's sister shared that she has always said the one thing she could eat every day was pizza - so marrying the owner of Rochester's best pizza brand - Perri's Pizza -just makes sense :) Congrats to Jennifer & Mike Perri!