Wedding at Becker Farms | Kati & Brian | Part 1

Rochester Wedding Photography

Kati & Brian
Date | 5.26.2013
Ceremony | Becker Farms & Vizcara Vineyards
Reception | Becker Farms & Vizcara Vineyards
Florist | Dick Miller Florist
Rochester Wedding Photographer | Natalie Sinisgalli, Whitney Warne

Kati & Brian first locked eyes in their high school lunchroom and they've been together ever since. Their nine years together has created a sense of quiet confidence in each other. It comes through in the secret smiles and glances that only a photographer through a zoom lens would see and capture. They planned a wedding day to represent their specific and unique tastes, choosing pie over the traditional cake and crafting their own ceremony playlist showcasing their diverse and nuanced musical interests. As Kati walked down to aisle on the arm of her father, Brian's tough-guy exterior cracking with Kati's every step. Listening to Brian and Kati exchange vows was an emotional experience for everyone, including both Whitney and I.  Kati & Brian's wedding was filled with beauty in every sense. Enjoy.

Too many good images for one blog post.... stay tuned for shots from their rest of their epic day.