What should we wear for our family portraits?

Dear family, do not fret! We get asked this question all the time, so we've put together some tips, tricks and guidelines to help you prepare for your family portrait shoot, along with some great examples for inspiration!

#1. BE YOURSELVES. We want your portraits to look and feel like your family - so the most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear is your family's personality. Let everyone wear the best version of their own style, and bring it all together with a unifying color scheme.

#2. BRING CLOTHES THAT FIT. The shape and cut of your clothing is very important as well. Wide and flowy items do no photograph well - they look sloppy and add weight. Items that are too short or tight will also be distracting in the finished images. Make sure clothing is well fitted and suited to your bodies.

#3. EMBRACE VARIETY.  We don't want your family to look like they are wearing a uniform. The days of khaki pants and white tee shirts across the board are over. Your portraits are a reflection of your lives, not just your faces. Wear your real clothes, the ones you look and feel good in. As long as you stick to a color scheme, the portraits will look coordinated.

#4. ACCESSORIZE. Jewelry, shoes, scarves and jackets can make the most simple outfit look polished and cohesive. Jewelry should be planned per outfit ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need. Also, consider the location of your portraits - a park is not a great place for a sports coat or stilettos.

#5. A FEW "RULES".  Avoid: shorts, foam flip flops and white running sneakers. White pieces can work well into some color schemes, but keep in mind that solid white tops will draw the eye away from faces in the finished image. Also, solid black has a tendency to look severe in natural settings (such as parks).