Bridal Ball

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We cannot be thankful enough for the amazing group of ladies who came out to support and party at Bridal Ball! The Bridal Ball was a major success, and together with Rochester Indie Weddings and Black Label Events, we brought the house down at Jack Rabbit Club while raising funds for women in need!

At NSP Studio, it has long since been our mission to be an advocate for women in all ways possible. We were so happy to not only create a fun and memorable experience for local women (brides and non-brides alike!), but to do so in a way that supported Brides for a Cause - an organization that supports women in so many ways. Brides for a Cause is not only a dress shop, but also a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to raise funds for charity. In 2018, they donated over $150,000 to various charities that support women who are single mothers, battling serious health issues, fighting in the military and more. Any organization that is a friend to women is a friend of ours.

From feeling like a million bucks in fancy dresses, to getting down on the dance floor, we could not imagine a better night. The community of women in Rochester never fail to amaze me with their energy and generosity. Some of them even parted with their beloved wedding dresses for donation. We loved seeing everyone come together to have a great time and support a worthwhile cause.


Congrats to those who won items from our awesome raffle, complete with a Stacy K. bouquet, OneHope Wine, gift cards to Rachel B. Cupcakes, professional headshots by yours truly and many other great prizes!


The Lovely Bride dress try on station was the hit of the night! There were so many beautiful gowns that we got to twirl and dance around in. It was double the fun with all the vibrant and outgoing personalities in the room.


Lets not forget the BEST SELFIES EVER we all got in the Hype Booth!!!! There was literally a line, and the GIFs were priceless…. see for yourself here!!!


As you can tell our venue, Jackrabbit Club, was just gorgeous. The lights, and atmosphere were to die for. Their appetizers were so unique and delicious, and the support staff were wonderful.


Cheers to our NSP team for help making it all possible. From set-up to tear-down, they were there to keep everything running smooth, and not to mention looking great while doing it! (shout-out to Molly’s amazing fashion sense and organizational skills). You guys remind me constantly how together women are unstoppable! Stay tuned for details about future events like this!

“Hi” Desiree from  Verve Events!

“Hi” Desiree from Verve Events!

Hello Jessica from Memorial Art Gallery! @artstagram on ig, literally the funniest account you will ever follow. we promise.

Hello Jessica from Memorial Art Gallery! @artstagram on ig, literally the funniest account you will ever follow. we promise.

NSP would like to give a HUGE thanks to…..

Our Co-Hosts!


Black Label Events - Brittney is an extrodinary event planner, and we would not have gotten it together (especially our raffle!) without her expertise!


Rochester Indie Weddings - Ali brought her A-Game with this event, handling all the ticketing and promotion!

Our Beloved Sponsors!

Thanks for keeping the party alive with music!

Marquee Events

Thanks for helping us dance the night away with some awesome jams, and for lighting up the space like what.

Thanks letting us try on some gorgeous dresses!

Lovely Bride Rochester

Thanks for making us all feel like beautiful queens playing bridal dress-up at your try on station.


Hype Booth

Thanks for the capturing all of our crazy selfies with your revolutionary photo booth.


Stacy K Floral

Thanks for making our venue look absolutely gorgeous with your lovely flowers.


Rachel B. Cupcakes

Thanks for all the delicious desserts, the cupcakes were A HIT.


One Hope Wine (Alyssa Whitfield, Director of Dress for Success Rochester)

The champagne toast was delicious and we were honored to be your inaugural event!!

Man Crush Monday | Chris & Nina Kennedy

Nina’s everyday #ManCrush is her husband, Chris Kennedy.


Tell us the story of how you met...

Well we told people we met at PF Changs in line for the bathroom and he caught me as I tripped and fell. We really met on 

What was the first date like?

We met up at City Grill - it was Wednesday, February 3rd.  I got there first and as I was waiting for him to walk in, I suddenly panicked that I couldn't remember how tall he said he was in his Match profile… I wore heels. When he got there we hugged - it was fine (phew!). The place was packed and SO loud, and by some miracle we got two seats at the bar. We decided to order some appetizers and I made him choose. Naturally he chose two of the hardest things ever to eat on a date - lettuce wraps and I can't remember the other… but I just remember barely eating anything. I was totally nervous and luckily he's got the gift of the gab because he kept the conversation going the whole time. We decided to get a nightcap across the street which was the complete opposite atmosphere and super quiet. At this point the gift of my gab was in full effect and we talked and talked for another two hours. I just remember thinking that I didn't want the night to end.


What makes him crush worthy?

He's just one of the most genuinely good people I have ever known. He's generous, caring, passionate, smart and handsome, and much like on our first date, I just never want the night to end when I'm with him.  


When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this man?

I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him when we were sitting at his favorite restaurant, The Pour House, watching a ‘Cuse game with a bunch of his friends. For some reason I got this overwhelming feeling of just being safe and exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Tell us about the proposal…

The day started much like any other. I went to work but was taking a half-day to situate something with my car. I had also made plans to get my nails done with my BFF - she was supposed to meet me at my old house that we were in the process of selling. As I was sitting at work in the morning, I decided that I wanted to meet at the new house before our nail appointment instead (obviously not realizing that all the meanwhile, Chris is at the new house executing his elaborate proposal). She quickly texted me back and super bluntly said NO and that she would just meet me at the nail place. In a total panic she called Chris to let him know what was up and he immediately called me to tell me that our entire neighborhood was being sprayed by the Orkin man for mosquitoes, and that we were to stay away for several hours. As annoyed as I was that I couldn't go home, I was super pumped about the Orkin man because I hate getting bit by mosquitoes! Anyways, my friend and I got our nails done, everything was great… I ran to Wegmans afterwards to get some taco stuff to make for dinner and as I pulled into the driveway, I decided to call my dad to catch up. I sat in the driveway for probably 20 minutes, not even realizing what Chris was going through inside waiting for me to open the door. Finally I walked up to the door - it was locked which was weird, and it had one sunflower in the handle. Also weird, but not totally unlike him… I just thought he was being cute. He got to the door and unlocked it, and as soon as I saw him I knew something was up. He was super nervous AND he had a sport coat on. He tried to say some things to me, all of which I cannot remember - and then he took my hand and walked me to our living room, which he had decked out in 150 sunflowers, each in their own individual vases. His plan had been to propose to me in an actual sunflower field, however it had rained so much that year that the crop had completely died and the sunflowers never grew. The rest of the moment was a blur - he got down on one knee, proposed to me in Farsi (which my dad had taught him beforehand) and I don't even remember if I actually said yes, but it was one of the best days of my life (even though the Orkin man didn't actually come).