Why You Shouldn't Lose 10 lbs Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Hi ladies! This is one I hear frequently - so I want to take this opportunity to set your minds at ease. You do not need to lose 10 (20, 30, ANY) lbs. in order to do a boudoir shoot. And here's why...

1. This shoot is not about the size of your body. A boudoir shoot has so much more to do with who you are than what your body looks like. It's a celebration of your femininity, inner-strength and self-love, which is not limited by the shape or size of your body. It's my job as your photographer to create a comfortable and fun environment in which you can be yourself and let your inner personality shine through. EVERY woman with every body can do a boudoir shoot and look and feel beautiful.

2. It will not really make a difference in your photos. The reality is that posing, lens choice, lighting, camera angles, (did I mention posing?!) and wardrobe will have SO much more impact on your photographs than a few lbs here or there will. I PROMISE. It your photographer's job to flatter your body, whatever shape or size it is, it's not up to you to make your body perfect for your photographer.


3. You're punishing yourself. I think a lot of women use extra pounds as an excuse to not embrace and love themselves. They feel like because their bodies do not look how they think they should (which is a whole separate conversation...), that they are not worth treating themselves well. They are not worth loving. What if you never lose the weight? Does that mean you never deserve to feel beautiful? We've got to stop assigning so much value to the number on the scale and start caring for ourselves and each other the way we are right now.

4. You are perfect as you are. I truly believe every woman is perfect exactly how they are today. We are a product of our experiences in life, and your body has gotten you to wherever you are. Think of the incredible things your body does for you every day. You can kiss your loved ones with your lips, hug your children with your arms, prepare nourishing meals with your hands, walk anywhere on your legs. Whether you're a wife, a girlfriend, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an executive, stay at home mom, or just a general bad-ass lady - embrace yourself as a whole. "Imperfections" and all. Our differences are what makes us all beautiful, and it's time you celebrate yourself exactly as you are. You are ready and you are worth it.