W H A T :  Beginner digital camera (DSLR) classes designed to help hobbyist photographers take better photos with ease!

W H Y :   Photography can and should be fun - but it is not something you are born knowing how to do! Most of the people I know who own DSLR cameras were initially excited when purchasing their cameras, but were soon left feeling frustrated when they realized they have no idea how to use the camera they just bought. Why are there so many buttons, and what do they do? The owners manual is NOT a tutorial in photography, it's simply a reference. My passion for photography stems from the desire to preserve the legacy of my clients. While I am hired for "the big" things in life, I want everyone to be able to capture ALL the special little moments along the way. And that's where our classes come in...


  • You have a DSLR camera that you are not 100% comfortable using

  • Your excitement about photography has turned to frustration

  • Your photos don't look how you want them to, and you have no idea why

  • You're stuck in the AUTO setting, which doesn't always work how you expect

  • You love taking photos, and want to improve your skills

  • You know the basics of how to use your camera, but you want to take more interesting photos

    (E V E N   I F ) :

  • You have zero previous training

  • It's still new in the box

  • Your digital camera is 10 years old

  • The extent of your knowledge is that the lens faces out when you take a photo :)


D E T A I L S :

New format! No longer a four week session, we are condensing our classes into a single night!

2hrs of instruction

Each class is limited to 10 students

Learn with camera in hand - group and individual exercises

Private Facebook Group access for sharing and support

Friendly learning environment where questions are encouraged

$99 tuition, paid by card at registration (below)


 L E V E L   1

• Best practices for camera care and use
• Overview of the mechanics of how your camera works
• Learn how to stop shooting in AUTO / use other shooting modes
• Lighting basics | Identify different types and how to shoot in them
• Composition & Lens Choice | Learn to make interesting photos
• Perfect for beginners or hobbyists who want a solid understanding of how their camera works!

Photos taken by some of our “graduates”:



 T E S T I M O N I A L S :

"This class was a relaxed learning environment and we never felt as though Natalie was rushing to get through the session. She took an interest and allowed plenty of time for interactive questions throughout the various sessions. A checklist and guide was provided which helped greatly outside of class. The "lighting" section was interesting, understandable and so helpful. As one of only two males in the class, we were both made to feel very comfortable and a part of the entire learning process."

"I have some minor photography training from back in the day but it's been so long since I've picked up a camera I forgot the basics.  This class helped get me back up to speed and taught me some great new tricks.  The hands on experience with Natalie and crew was great.  I took one of my favorite photos of my daughter and it was properly exposed without needing Photoshop. I couldn't ask for a better result than that!!"

"I feel much more confident using my new camera and I know you taught me way more than I would have ever learned on my own. Settings - lighting - terminology - it was all very helpful! Thank you!"

"Love knowing how to use my Aperture Priority setting and what all my special features are meant to do. I no longer feel intimidated! I so appreciate your ways of relating to what we are trying to do with your analogies."


A brand new offering!!! Attend an on-location instructional shoot with Natalie and a few models :) You will get to shoot alongside Natalie, as she discusses how she gets the portraits she gets using only natural light outdoors. Held at Highland Park, meeting outside the Lamberton Conservatory.

W H A T Y O U ’ L L L E A R N:

• How to pick the BEST spots to shoot outdoors

• Use modifiers to enhance natural light

• How to pose and coach your subjects

• Selecting the best lens / settings in a given situation

• Composition tricks to make more interesting photos

*Designed for people who know how to achieve proper exposure (Aperture Priority Mode or Manual),
but want to take their outdoor natural light portraits to the next level! You do not NEED to have taken my previous classes,
but we will not be addressing exposure during this class.

D E T A I L S :

2hrs of instruction

Class is limited to 15 students

Learn with camera in-hand, group and individual exercises

Friendly learning environment where questions are encouraged

Private Facebook Group access for sharing and support

$99 tuition, paid by card at registration (below) 

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