W H E N : February 1st (Thurs), 2nd (Fri), and 3rd (Sat)

W H A T : a mini portrait shoot just for you! It's like a headshot, but for personal use. Our goal is to photograph you in a way that brings out and celebrates your feminine side, without having to show too much skin! Be that flirty, sexy, coy, modest, or just plain YOU! Bring your "Little Black Dress"es of choice (they don't need to be black if that's not your scene!). You will receive a 5x7 Fine Art Print just in time for Valentine's Day, the perfect gift for you or to give to your honey! PLUS, a hair & makeup styling add-on is available for some appointment slots!

W H E R E :  Our studio 11 Arnold Park Rochester 14607

W H Y :  We want to share the empowering experience that our boudoir clients have for ALL women, regardless of what type of wardrobe they want to be photographed in. We've made this shoot short enough to do during your work day (assuming you get a break, you busy lady!), at a price point that fits almost any budget. So come and let us celebrate you, and you can give yourself (and your beau!) the best valentine's gift ever :)


A Little Black Dress session includes:

  • 20 minutes of camera time with Natalie
  • Ordering session immediately to follow - at least 20 images to choose from
  • 1 image of your choice
  • Additional images available for purchase - one for $75 / 2 or more for $50 each!
  • 1 - 5x7 Fine Art Print, ready for Valentine's Day!
  • Optional Hair & Makeup Styling in-studio before your shoot  as an add-on



Hear from our clients:

"The photo shoot was exciting, hair and makeup gorgeous and best of all, I have incredible photos that I want everyone to see! If you are on the fence don't wait any longer... It's such an empowering opportunity! Thank you Natalie, for reminding me how beautiful I am and just for being you!!" - Shauna

"I'm not the type of woman who feels very comfortable posing in front of a camera, and I tend to feel more awkward than sexy! However, all of my doubts and fears completely disappeared as I put my trust into Natalie and her team. Natalie is warm and funny, and I never had to worry about what to do with my body in each shot, as Natalie told me exactly how to pose, where to look, and even what expressions I should have on my face. She is a truly gifted photographer, and has a special way about her that makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. " - Leanne

"We had an unforgettable time during our Stella's Bridal shoot with Natalie and Molly (studio manager)! We were all a little nervous beforehand, but the second we entered, Natalie welcomed us and immediately calmed our nerves. Her studio is beyond stunning and so glamorous! We were shown our fitting room, which was beautifully decorated, and each of us were handed glasses of champagne. We were extremely excited and couldn't wait to get started with the photos! It is so fascinating to watch Natalie work because she is so amazingly talented at what she does. It is a privilege to be able to work with her. She instinctively knows exactly how to pose you so that the camera gets all of the best angles possible. Her energy glows while she works and it is contagious. We each put our full and complete trust in her because we knew she would only make us look and feel fabulous during the shoot. Afterward, we were able to sit comfortably with Molly to see all of the photos and choose our favorites for our photos. Molly was excellent at helping us narrow down our choices and choose the best ones. From start to finish we felt pampered, relaxed, and had such a fun time! We recommend Natalie to everyone and can't wait for the next time we get the chance to work with her again!" - Stella

"I have done several shoots with Natalie. I call NSP my therapy office. I often walk into the studio with a million things on my mind and beating myself up over the zit that just appeared that morning or the food baby I have from lunch, and every time I leave feeling like a rockstar who can take on the world. (Doctor) Natalie and her team can make even the worst self-critic have confidence and feel desirable and powerful in just a 30 minute shoot. You arrive a client and leave a friend, and the best part is you get beautiful images to look back on when you need a self esteem booster and 11 Arnold Park is too far away!" - Jessie


Book Now:

This event is THREE DAYS ONLY with a very limited number of spots! Our Little Black Dress mini session is only $149 including one image digitally, and a 5x7 fine art print. Hair & Makeup is available as an add-on Thursday AM, and Friday PM for $99. We've made it simple to reserve your spot  - you can book online by following these two simple steps:

That's it! You'll receive a receipt and confirmation via email upon booking :)