Some of our fabulous clients have taken the time to share their boudoir experience for the benefit of others considering booking a shoot. They have done so because they strongly believe that this transformative experience is something every woman should have for themselves.


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The following testimonials are written by clients, paired with our favorite excerpts and a kick-*ss photo they agreed to allow to to share with you all :)



I was definitely nervous to make the call to book the shoot, but by the time I got off the phone with the studio, I was feeling more excited than nervous. On the day of my shoot, Natalie immediately put me at ease. After meeting her, I told my husband, "I want us to be friends!" The shoot ended up being an amazing experience.  I definitely found myself feeling more confident as the shoot went on, and by the end of it I didn't want to leave! All the women involved create a fantastically warm and comfortable environment. It's easy to talk yourself of out this luxurious experience: "I don't deserve it, I haven't worked hard enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not pretty enough..." I think EVERY woman who has done a shoot like this has had those thoughts go through her head--which is exactly why every woman should do it! Take the opportunity to see yourself as your loved ones see you--strong and beautiful.   - Ellyn




"I wanted to write and tell you how much I loved the photo shoot and the pictures.  Every year I choose something out of my comfort zone to challenge myself.  In the past it's been tap dancing lessons or cake decorating classes.  This by far was WELL out of my comfort zone.  I saw the ad for the boudoir photo shoot come up on my Facebook news feed a few times before I was brave enough to email for more information.  I was nervous about it; I am far from a size 2 and wasn't sure how I would look in the pictures.  I showed up the day of the shoot and was instantly put at ease.  Chrissy did my hair and make up.  It looked polished, but very natural, and I felt glamorous.  After that I felt so ready for the photo session.  Natalie was amazing!!!!!  Her personality immediately put me at ease, and she knew just how to have me pose to get such great pictures.  I loved how she would stop every so often to show me something she just shot so I could see for myself how great they were.  I had a blast during my session and was a little sad it was over because it was so much fun.  Later, when I saw the photos from the shoot, I couldn't believe it was me!!!!  It was the biggest self-esteem boost of my life - I looked gorgeous!!!  For someone who was so uncertain about the process beforehand, I couldn't wait to show people the end results.  I can't thank Natalie and her studio for making me feel so special and so beautiful!"




"After talking with Whitney and reading their Style Guide, I felt so prepared for my shoot! My experience on the shoot itself was amazing. I had so much fun and it was so much more than I expected. Natalie made me feel absolutely beautiful. I can't put a price on the value of my book- It’s one of the best gifts I was able to give my husband. He was in complete shock and could not believe I did this for him. He said it was amazing, and that he was so proud of me! Everyone at the studio is so fun-loving and sweet. They really made me feel so welcome and made this such a fun photo shoot. I will never forget my experience!" 


"In the days leading up to my boudoir shoot, I was thinking of canceling it. I was nervous that I wasn't "where I wanted to be" yet and that I was just not ready. When I got to the studio and was instantly greeted with infectious excitement, smiles and hugs, I knew I made the right decision. From the moment I walked in, my attitude changed from nervous and scared to "I got this" and excitement. Chrissy is a genius - she made me look like a better version of myself. Natural, yet made up and beautiful but still me. Then there is Natalie, an absolute goddess with the camera. She knows the angles, the best one-liners to make you laugh for a natural smile that photographs perfectly, and knows just how to make the experience one you will never, ever forget. The two of them together are an amazing team and I feel lucky to have been in the room while they worked their magic! I walked into the studio unsure of what would happen, and left with a new best friend! That is how comfortable Natalie made me feel. I felt empowered, excited, sexy and strong...and now a few weeks later after seeing the pictures, I am SO glad I "went through" with this. I have pictures that I will get to love and stare at for the rest of my life. I look amazing, but best of all I feel amazing. I am forever grateful to Natalie, Chrissy & Whitney for giving me this opportunity...one I will never forget, and highly recommend all to experience. Your perfect time is now, don't hesitate to book your appointment!" - Jenna, Bridal Boudoir client


"I was most definitely hesitant and nervous going into my boudoir session with Natalie. I'm not the type of woman who feels very comfortable posing in front of a camera, and I tend to feel more awkward than sexy! However, all of my doubts and fears completely disappeared as I put my trust into Natalie and her team. Natalie is warm and funny, and she has a special way about her that makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I never had to worry about what to do with my body in each shot, as Natalie told me exactly how to pose, where to look, and even what expressions I should have on my face. She is a truly gifted photographer and the ultimate professional. Our session was full of laughs and moments of appreciating an amazing shot. The time flew by and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I thought that my boudoir shoot would be a gift for my boyfriend, but it turned out to be a huge gift to myself. Thank you, Natalie, for allowing me to appreciate all of the beauty that lies within me."

-Leanne, Boudoir Client


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