There's no such thing as a "typical photo shoot."

One question we get asked frequently is, "What should we do for our photo shoot?" Maybe it's considered bad form, but we often answer with another question. What makes you you? If you're outgoing and larger-than-life, that's probably what your shoot will be like. If you're funny or quirky, it will be reflected in our time together. Thinking of trying something you've never seen done before? Now we're talking.


Do not hesitate to ask us about traveling outside of Rochester for your wedding or portrait session.  While we are a Rochester based photography studio, we frequently travel outside of the Rochester area for shoots. For weddings, anything from Buffalo to Syracuse to the Finger lakes is included in all of our packages.  For portrait sessions, check with the studio for Natalie's travel schedule.  Throughout the year Natalie travels to NYC, Las Vegas, and other major (and minor!) cities for photography.  She'd love to have you meet up with her in any of these places to create some truly unique images.

Outdoors and Weather - Rochester style.

Natalie is born and raised in Rochester, so she has learned to shoot in absolutely every weather condition we see here. So if it is raining on the day of your wedding or portrait shoot, DO NOT PANIC. Natalie has lots of tricks up her sleeve (including many different colored umbrellas and rain boots!) to keep the Rochester weather at bay. Some of her most beautiful portraits have been taken in rain showers (including many of the images you see here on the website). If your portrait session falls on a day when we're having serious weather (hurricane-force winds, ice storms, fire and brimstone) we may look at rescheduling- but if it's just gray and drizzly out, we've got you covered. Some of the best light is available when it's raining and cloudy, so get ready for some amazing photos. Think of it as a badge of honor.

The fine print . . .

Here are a couple of guidelines we have in order to keep things running smoothly:

  • Payment for your photography session is due at the time of scheduling — please have a credit card ready to book your appointment.
  • If you need to reschedule your shoot, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please keep in mind that availability may be limited. More than one scheduling change may result in an additional session fee.
  • Canceled checks will result in a $25 fee.